Staging Available

Please contact us for availability.


Xperience Productions has staging available for ANY type of event.  From trailer stages, to hydraulic fold outs to large scale scaffolding, the staff at Xperience Productions can provide, design and build the correct stage for your event or festival.


We have stages traveling most of the year, so we can provide staging most anywhere in the country at relatively anytime


Our hydraulic stages are tested to up to 100mph winds


Below are a few photos of some of the staging that we most commonly get asked about, but we can develop any size or shape staging required.


We want your event to stand out!


44'x36' Load-Bearing Hydraulic Stage

32'x24' Hydraulic Stage with 8' wings

88'x44' Scaffolding/Platform Stage

20'x20'  Stage

20'x12' Trailer Stage

24'x20' Platform Stage w/ Tenting

36'x36' Load-Bearing Hydraulic Stage

28'x12' Trailer Stage

44' Wide Hydraulic Stage

(this stage is 24' deep)

44'x36' Scaffolding Stage


Memphis - New Orleans - Nashville - Miami - Houston - Chicago - Dallas/Ft Worth - Jaco,Costa Rica - Orlando -Ft Lauderdale - Florida Keys - Louisville - Cape Coral - Little Rock - Atlanta - Philadelphia - Live Oaks - Tampa - St Augustine - Destin