Very simply put, we specialize in Festival and Conference Coordination. Xperience Productions prides itself on relieving the stresses of juggling the many parts of a festival, concert, or conference production.


About Xperience Productions


We make putting on a concert event, no matter the size, a pleasure to do.


The whole idea for you is to enjoy the show, right?  Let us ensure your enjoyment and lack of stress.  We specialize in relieving the stress and putting you back where you would rather and enjoying.


This what we do!

Festival Events - Performers - Artists - Conferences - Sound, Light & Stage Production - Contracts - Hotels - Concerts - Venues - Staff - F&B

-We assist established or fledgling festival and conference events by identifying where an augmentation and strengthening of event aspects will help overall success through on-site analysis and the implementation of many years of Xperience and contacts grown through the way.


-We also produce our own festival events throughout the US.


-We have the contacts that allow us to contract performers for generally better pricing than every so-called "booking agency" we have looked at.  WE DO NOT MANAGE PERFORMERS, though we give them constant business when the right events come along.


-We provide professional grade staging, lights, sound, and staff to run any scale event.


-Our Xperiences have allowed us "ins" with almost every CVB (Convention Visitors Bureau) of any major city in the US to plan for corporate conferences (scouting city locations, hotels, food and beverage, off site events, internal break out sessions, etc).


-We assist in writing grants, fundraising, organizing parking solutions for large scale events, merchandising, etc.  Anything that relates to a Conference and/or Festival we handle


-On top of that, video direction, and shooting and editing film is a  side business of Xperience Productions that developed through our filming and editing of our own events that led to our being hired to continue doing so for specific events



Ever wanted to put on a Festival Event? Xperience Memphis and Xperience Productions looks to help you fulfill that dream. Trying to organize a year-end conference for the company? Do you have an established event looking to augment your look and stature? Are you planning a wedding or a even a backyard concert? Xperience Memphis and Xperience Productions can help!


We make the staging, lights, sound, band booking, and contracts a turn-key operation. We are successful in fundraising and writing grants, merchandise and marketing. We help scout your conference cities, hotels, set up meetings with the CVB, and organize your F&B and entertainment. We specialize in anything relating to a conference, meeting, or festival or concert event.


We coordinate with and can become a buffer for your board of directors, staff, partners, wife or husband, and we make the dream conference, musicians and sounds easily come alive without the hassle!


Xperience Productions prides itself on relieving the stress of juggling the many parts of a festival, concert, or conference production.



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